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You must have been familiar with the phrase - like for like on Instagram. In fact this like for like concept is prevalent in all the major social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. But have you ever wondered what it is all about? What does it mean in the first place? If you are not yet introduced to the concept of like for like on Instagram app, you have come to the right place. In this blog, we will discuss it all. We will classify the blog in multiple segments. We will include the meaning or concept of the phrase, why is it necessary to buy Instagram likes, what are the major hacks etc. Yes, it’s going to be a long blog but let us assure you that it’s going to be totally worth your time. So, keep reading the blog to the end. You will find it useful, important, and practical. Without further ado, let’s quickly dive into it. We will start with the concept of Instagram like for like.

What are Instagram likes 4 likes

The concept of Instagram likes 4 likes is based on a give and take process. Here you have to buy some likes from dedicated apps (we will elaborate it later in the article). In return, you will get likes on your pictures and videos that you upload on Instagram. Some of the apps also seek permission to give likes on your behalf to other subscribers. Basically, these apps have a huge database containing lots of subscribers who seek to increase the number of likes on the posts. The apps give thousands of likes from all the subscribers. That’s win-win for all.

It also has a counterpart that poses as Instagram follow for follow. Just as the likes app will provide your posts with likes, here you will receive followers on your account. In the case of likes, you have to specify each post. However, in the case of the followers, you just need to upload your account for once. It’s a one-time thing.

What’s the process?

Initially, the concept of using Instagram like for like app may sound a bit tricky. But let’s tell you that it’s no troublesome at all. All you need is to find such an app. There are thousands of applications available on Google Play Store or iOS App Store. You can also come across apk files on the web. Install the app and you can start using it right away.

Once you install a like for like app or an Instagram follow for follow app, you will have to subscribe to the packages. Several apps offer several packages. These can be per post based or monthly or semi-annually. You cannot know which app offers which types of packages unless you install it.

The simply select a package and pay the required amount. That’s all.

You have to upload your Instagram account on the app. If you are looking to improve followers, simply uploading your account ID will do. However, if you are looking to buy likes for some specific posts, you need to specify the posts on the app.

Once you make the payment, the app will start its work. It will scan your profile. Then it will arrange for the likes and followers. You will notice a change in your likes numbers or followers numbers shortly.

How long does it take to get the likes or followers?

It actually depends on the Instagram follow to follow or Instagram likes free app you pick. There are several apps available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store. In fact, you can also find several apk versions of such apps available on the web. All of these come with different conditions though their end goal is the same – increasing the likes and followers on your posts and accounts.

Before you go on to subscribe on any package on the Instagram likes booster app, you need to check the privacy policy page. Though we often skip reading the long passages and end up hitting the I agree to button without giving it a read, this is malpractice really. The privacy page reveals various crucial information like who you are sharing your confidential data with, whether the app has a hidden charge etc. In fact, we have found some people complaining about some apps (not all the apps) draining their money when they were looking to buy Instagram likes. That’s because they don’t care to read the privacy policy.

Once you are done reading the page and certain that there’s no hidden charge once you subscribe to the package, come to the home page to learn the packages and how long does it take to get the likes and followers on your account. We will explain why we stressed so much on the terms and conditions page. Basically, the fraud websites have such terms that you can get half or one-third of the followers you get for the price you pay as shown on the company home page. Then, on paying some hidden charge in the name of extra fees or something, they will drain more money from you before offering all the likes and followers. This will definitely take a long time and drain your resources.

Be on your guard while dealing with such an app. Before picking an app, it’s better to read the reviews and client testimonial. It will give you a close insight into whether the app is really worth your time and money or not. Then, you can select an app and subscribe to the packages.

The time it will take to reflect a change in your likes and subscribers list will depend on the package you choose. It also depends on the app as each app has distinct packages. Some may offer 100 likes in $8 and 1000 followers in $30. Some other apps may charge more or less. We recommend you to pick the one with good review and don’t simply settle for the one with a low cost. If the cheap app is a fraud one, you will fall into a loop and end up draining resources. They may ask you to pay $2 at first, then $5 and finally $10 for getting 100 likes. And once you get into the loop, it’ll seem “let’s pay this little for the last time and get it done away with”. And before you know, you have lost $17 for 100 likes that you could get only at $8 from a reliable Instagram likes to buy the app.

Once you pay for the package, you will get to know how long will it take to increase the likes on your post or followers on your account. It may take from 1 to 5 days depending on the package you select. Also, you may want to build up your likes count and follower base gradually instead of getting it all in one go. If all your posts get thousands of likes within a minute or pumped up follower list within an hour, it will make your genuine followers understand that you have manipulated it with an app. This may reduce your existing follower list and evoke a negative impression in the market.

Instead, go slow but steady when you want more Instagram likes for free. That way, your genuine followers will find it to be organic growth. We recommend you to opt for the lowest price package (say $4 for 100 likes in an hour) and repeat the same quite a few times (as long as you are not happy with the likes or followers count). This will produce an organic-like growth.

Why is it necessary to buy likes?

For various reasons! We will mention these, one by one.

The market of the influencers is gradually rising. Businesses (both small or mid and large enterprises) seek to engage them because of the huge market they have. They can post reviews of various products (outfits, pieces of jewellery, cosmetics, accessories, etc.) and encourage people to buy. This is a win-win situation for all as the businesses profit once the users buy the products. Influencers become more popular and get hired by more companies. Further, if their fan base uses the affiliate link or code they provide, they get some affiliation commission.

The first thing for this is to have a huge fan base. Now, this is a common human tendency to go with the flow. Something genuine may not receive adequate exposure and appreciation from people. But once these get a hype, they become popular and people start to use these or follow these. Same is the case with the Instagram follower list. Once the users find a profile to be popular or posts to have lots of likes, they find the person or the post to be credible. This encourages them to like the posts, rely on the person, follow the account or purchase the products promoted by the influencer.

This is exactly what Instagram likes boosters app can do. They are automated likes and not genuine buyers. But they will encourage organic traffic to come to your profile and boost your fanbase with original accounts. So this is necessary to create an aura of a popular influencer.

The same thing holds true for any scale business. Especially, if you own a startup, you need to make people believe in your skills and popularity. However, how can you do that if you don’t have many clients to vouch for it? Curate fake comments that vouch for your products or services. Now, it can be possible for you to post fake comments from other accounts or request your friends to put comments on your posts. But this is tiresome and time-consuming. Further, your friends will know your trick and they won’t recommend their acquaintances to rely on your work no matter how good you are at it. And word of mouth plays an important role in fostering a startup business. So you better leave them aside.

Once you engage a comment booster app, you can get instant likes and comments on your posts. That way, people won’t doubt your genuineness. They will also rely on your works and become the buyers. And once you start to get adequate organic traffic and followers and customers, you may not spend bucks on improving the followers through such a booster app.

We have talked to many new small businesses and they vouch by the fact of this point. Recently, we talked to Mrs Natasha who has recently opened a home bakery. She says that initially, it was tricky to get customers. Once she improved her followers and likes through an app, she now gets more orders and appreciations.

Nowadays we come across a rumour that Instagram is about to hide the likes from the videos. Many opine that when the likes are not shown, what’s the point of spending bucks to buy them. Let us tell you, this is important to make your site look popular for Instagram. That way, it will promote your profile and show it on the feed and encourage organic followers.

Why should you rely on like for like an app instead of organic likes

This is a common question we receive for many. It’s only a common concern. When you can get likes and followers on Instagram for free, why would you spend bucks?

To save time, precisely.

If you rely solely on organic likes and followers, you may have to wait for a long time. You have to regularly post engaging pictures. Also, you have to engage with various pages, promote their posts to get likes, follow other accounts to get followers, communicate in the comment box to enhance post engagement and so on. Altogether, it’s quite of a task to expand your reach and drive likes and followers.

We have even seen some people who get hardly 50 to 80 new followers in a year! People often struggle to get beyond 25 likes except for close friends and family! That’s really poor but reality.

On the other hand, you can get instant likes once you use such a like for like app. Once you register on the app, it will clearly mention how long will it take to get the likes and followers. For the starters, let us tell you, it varies from one app to the other. In some app, you may get the likes and followers instantly after making the payment. In some other apps, it may take two to three days. However, you can be certain to witness a positive change in your likes and followers list once you engage with a reliable like for like app.

Also, some of the apps offer Instagram like for like free. Here, you need not pay any money to get likes. But once you register, your account will be used to hit a like and follow to other subscribers posts and account.

There are people and influencers who want to increase the followers but not become the followers of other accounts. If you belong to this category, there’s a perfect solution for you as well. Instead of using an Instagram follow 4 follow app, use an app where you can pay to buy followers. Here, you need not follow other accounts to earn followers. All you need is to pay some money to increase your follower base.

Before making the payment, keep an eye on the time. Each package comes with a dedicated time period after which you can witness an increase in your likes and followers list. Here’s an example for your better understanding. Say, a free package can get you free likes and followers in 3 days of making payment. A package of $5 may help you get 300 likes and followers in 1 day. A package of $15 may get you 1000 likes and followers instantly. Keeping an eye on the package and conditions will help you get a detailed knowledge of the service.

How much do you have to spend

The amount you need to spend to buy Instagram likes and comments vary from one app to another. There are numerous sites and apps available in the market that allows you to order Instagram likes without any hassles. However, each app has a pricing policy. The cost depends on the package you pick. It can range anything from $10 to $100 (or even more than that) depending on the package you choose.

For instance, some sites may offer you 100 likes for $10. As you go on to increase likes and followers, the price also increases. Some apps also offer combo packages. Here you have to pay a certain amount and in return, you get a specific number of likes, comments, and followers. You need to provide your Instagram account handle to increase the followers. Remember that you cannot only mention your user name because lots of people may have the same names as yours. You need to provide your unique account ID so that the site can identify your profile properly.

In order to get the comments and likes, only specifying the Insta handle is not enough. Here you have to mention exactly which post you want to increase likes and comments count. Some sites give you a provision to upload the exact pictures where you want more likes and counts. In some other sites, you may simply upload the date of posting the picture after putting your account ID. The site will scan your Insta profile and increase likes and comments. However, some other sites (usually the new one with limited features and functionalities) don’t offer you all the facilities. Here you have to just mention the account ID. The site will select any random picture of its own and increase its comments and likes. We recommend you to steer clear of these sites since you may end up with one post having 1000 likes and comments and other posts having 50 likes and 20 comments. This will create a discrepancy and make your genuine followers understand that you have manipulated the likes and comments in one post. This will produce a negative impact on your acquaintance and also reduce your organic traffic reach.

So it’s better to mention all the posts or at least most of the posts so as to get a distributed amount of likes and comments on the posts. This will make these look original and evoke no doubt.

Important tip

We have already discussed that Instagram likes apps offer various packages for a different number of likes and followers at different price ranges. Sometimes we have seen people opt for the topmost package. They spend some money and get lots of followers and likes on their posts instantly. This is a self-destructing method we say.

That’s because you may have some genuine followers and likes from your friends and family. They may not know that you use such quick likes buying apps. For them, you pose as some kind of an influencer. You may actually work as an influencer and build up a genuine audience base.

Buying likes and followers is indeed a useful ploy for you. We have already mentioned that all the likes and an extensive follower list will make new people feel you are reliable. So you should definitely invest in it. However, the key here is to maintain secrecy. The likes and followers providing apps never ask for your personal info or sell your info to third-party sites. They truly maintain confidentiality. Having said that, we recommend you to read the privacy policy before you download, install and sign up for an Instagram likes apk. That way you can steer clear of any fraud app or cyber hacking. Maintaining cybersecurity is a crucial concern in contemporary times when fraudulent activities are on the rise.

Now, once your genuine followers find out that you manipulate likes and followers, they may stop engaging with you or follow you. They may even promote negatively and report your account. You must remember that genuine users are the ones who buy the products you sell or promote. So if they stop engaging with your post or following your account, you may lose the potential sources of income or your reputation in the market.

However, this does not mean that you should not buy likes. The human mind works in a curious way. If people find that a post got enough likes or an account has got hundreds of followers, they find it credible. This is why businesses these days rely more on Google review or client testimonial. We have found various businesses manipulating client reviews or asking genuine clients to put positive feedback. All these efforts contribute to improving the business’s reputation in the market. It also helps in increasing its audience base and positively impact sales and revenue.

With time, Instagram is emerging as a potential marketing place. Businesses use this social media portal to upload pictures of their company, office, products, services, employees, events, and employers. They can also feature products and attach a link so as to let people directly buy from the images. Small startups to find Instagram to be an effective marketing place. They can work as a reseller. They can buy cosmetics, outfits or jewellery from the manufacturers at a low price. They can also create these on their own and other items like DIY crafts, showpieces, gift items, decorative products etc. Then they upload artistic pictures of the same and sell it to the potential customers. It’s a win-win for both as they can use their time and sell the products directly without paying any intermediary. This effectively helps them to save some bucks and also earn revenue. On the other hand, customers can browse the collection simply by clicking or touching on the pictures and purchase these instantly. They need not go to the physical stores manually or spend a long time. They can make shopping on the go.

In between of these two, pose the influencers. Startups or large enterprises seek to hire the influencers (both celebrities and ordinary people with a substantial follower base). The influencers can promote the products, make a review, and ask their followers to purchase the items. Instagram is a budding place for the influencers running in parallel with YouTube.

As you may have understood that Instagram is an ideal place for startup entrepreneurs, enterprise owners as well as the influencers to run their business successfully. The impact of having thousands of likes and followers is unavoidable in this regard. It’s essential for the small startups to have a follower base to evoke a sense of credulity among the new users. It’s crucial for enterprises to showcase a huge follower base to survive in the competition and make it seem to have a gigantic presence in the market. And the influencers must have lots of followers in their account and likes on their posts to pose as successful influencers. Only then the enterprises (both small scale, mid-level and large scale businesses) will be interested to make collaboration with them. And once they hire the influencers, can the latter enjoy a successful and potential channel for earning money and reputation.

As you can see, having followers on the Insta account and likes on the post is essential for everyone. But more than that, posing as genuine and not forcefully plumped up is even more important for all the businesses. If your genuine followers and like givers understand that you use an Instagram like for like apk to increase your likes count and follower base, they may turn faces from you. They will not only unfollow your account but also make others aware of the same and chances are that you will ruin your entire image in the market. This is difficult for large enterprises as all the hard-earned efforts will be wasted. This is messy for small businesses as your dreams and aspirations of becoming a successful entrepreneur will just evaporate in the harsh reality. And this is the worst nightmare for the influencers as they will lose all their followers, source of income, reputation and fame in the industry. Nowadays, being an influencer is no less than being a celebrity. Well, who doesn’t love to influence people and get a free sample from large brands? In fact, many enterprises prefer to work with influencers and it gives them a perfect opportunity to fly their wings. A little mistake can ruin you completely.

Our pro suggestion is don’t be greedy to instantly pump up your followers' list or likes in your post. This will make your genuine followers understand that you have used such an app. This may reduce your reliability. Slow but steady wins the race – that’s the strategy here.

Instagram likes free trial

Here’s yet another tip that we want you to know before you go on to purchase Instagram likes. Several applications offer free trials and we all love free stuff right. Let us explain the mechanism of Instagram likes free trial for your better understanding:

Some apps – either on a regular basis or during holiday seasons (when the demand for Insta likes is rising) – offer free trials to the users. Now, you may ask whether the free trial is genuine or not. As per our understanding, these are genuine. Basically, these work as promotional material for the apps.

The apps ask for some basic info once you seek to avail the free trials. The info includes your contact number or email ID and your Instagram handle. Once you register for the free trial, you can witness a change (a hike ) in your Instagram posts’ likes or follower base within a given time period. Are you wondering why the apps are offering free likes and followers? Is it some kind of a publicity stunt or charitable work?

Not at all. Basically, these apps will ask you to pick a paid model (for 3 weeks or 6 months, etc.) before you get a free trial service. So technically, you are signing a contract with the app. In exchange for the free likes and shares at the initial days, you have to pay an amount to the app. Usually, this offer is given to the new users to draw their attention. Also, with so much competition in the market, the site owners have to give something for free to allure people select them over others.

Now, you may think of a casual hack. You may leave the app right after availing free trial. That way, you can get the likes and followers for free and you don’t have to pay any amount. You can continue doing this for several sites or apps. That way, all the likes and followers you get are for free and you need not spend any money.

Well, this is a potential option for some sites. Not all sites offer this facility. Most of the sites these days, come with a bond where you must pay an amount on the completion of the free trial. Even before you agree to the free trial, you have to provide the site with your bank details. The money will be automatically deducted from your bank once your free trial period is over. So your hack will not apply in most of the cases.

Now, how do you know if the site allows you to get the likes for free or you have to sign a pre-conditioned bond? From the terms and conditions page precisely. Once you opt for the free trial, you have to check a box where you have to agree with the terms and conditions. Instead of checking the box blindly, we recommend you to read out the passages in the dedicated terms and conditions page. Here you will find all the information like how much do you have to pay once the free trial period is over, whether the money will be automatically deducted from your account, etc.

In case, some sites don’t ask you for the bank details while opting for the free session, don’t consider it to be a generous app that allows you to escape after the trial period without paying money. It may so happen that the site can fetch the bank details from other cache data already available on the web.

Basically, all the info on the web is connected to each other these days. Your Instagram account is associated with the Facebook account, which is again connected to the Gmail account. Again the Gmail account is connected to a phone number which is also given in the bank. If you have a different number in the bank, even that is traceable since your ID card is connected with every phone number/sim card you have. So it’s not possible to escape the grasp of the cyber cell so easily. The cyber authority of these applications can easily fetch your data. So before you give the third-party site or app to access your data and personal information, it’s better to learn all the info about the app.

ID and password

We have already mentioned that you have to insert your Instagram account ID once you seek to buy Instagram likes with coins. The sites will scan your profile to select the posts (or you may specify the posts) and thereby increase the followers, likes, and comments.

Uploading the account ID is only normal – nothing to afraid of. However, remember that these sites never want your Instagram password. Make sure to avoid any site that wants you to upload the password of your Instagram account. If you upload the password (even if mistakenly) the sites will get access to your Instagram account. They will be able to use your profile and upload or remove any post on their own. Worse yet, nowadays everyone’s Insta account is connected to Facebook. That’s because Facebook owns it. On the other hand, Facebook also owns Whatsapp. So the site can also access your Facebook and Whatsapp ID once you provide the Instagram password.

Also, everyone’s Whatsapp number is connected to a bank account or other official registers. That way, the sites may have an access to any official portal. In case the site is a fraud one, you may fall a victim of cybercrime.

So, how do you know if the site is caching data or secretly compelling you to give access to your profile? You will find the info in the terms and conditions page or the privacy policy page. You may come across a pointer that reads “you give us the permission to access your account, upload or remove anything on your behalf” or something similar to this. Nowadays, various site owners write something differently so that people cannot find it out at one go. So you must be really careful to learn if the site got anything as such. If you find anything similar to this sense, it’s better to skip that site and go to another one. There’s plenty of sites available in the market so you won’t face any trouble finding an Instagram like buying an app.


We hope you have understood the efficacy of an Instagram likes and followers app. Instead of waiting for the organic traffic to visit your profile and like your posts or follow your profile, do something actively. Such apps give you the opportunity to do exactly just that. Just be on a lookout to learn the privacy or conditions of using the app. That way you can stay on the safe side. We have already mentioned the perks of using the app. We have also stressed on why you should read the terms and conditions page before checking the I agree on box.

We have also discussed the estimated cost to buy likes and followers and the time it may take to add those likes on your account. We have dealt with how you can save some bucks effectively through the free trial option. We have further mentioned that you should better take little steps and gradually increase the likes and followers instead of getting it at one go.

Overall, we covered all the aspects you should keep an eye on while using an Instagram like and follower booster app. There’s no scarcity of such an app in the market. Following these tips and tricks will surely help you find the right app. What are you waiting for then! Go download and start using. The world of becoming an influencer is only one step away!